An explanation of amicus briefs & certiorari/review petitions

Amicus briefs can be crucial for shaping the decision of an appeal. Our attorneys can prepare a broad range of amicus briefs to assist in the success of your appeal and ultimately, your case outcome. Our appellate lawyers can also assist with petitions for certiorari to the U.S. Supreme Court and petitions for review to the California Supreme Court. Shore, McKinley, Conger & Jolley, LLP, has convenient office locations in Stockton, CA, and surrounding areas, and can carefully review your case to determine the best course of action.

A Closer Look at Amicus Briefs

Working attorneysNon-parties to lawsuits that have a vested interest in the outcome (often because the case at hand bears a strong resemblance to a case the non-party is considering) should consider filing an amicus brief in the case. An amicus brief offers guidance and provides education on important issues, so the court can clearly see how the issue should play out in the pending case.

Many amicus briefs point out a new perspective the court would otherwise not take into consideration, and this can be beneficial when your case is in line with the fresh viewpoint advanced in an amicus brief. When successful, an amicus brief can help shape legal precedent and pave the way for favorable decisions in your own case at a future date.

Writs of Certiorari to the U.S. Supreme Court

A writ of certiorari is a request to the U.S. Supreme Court to review a case that has made its way through the lower court system. The U.S. Supreme Court only hears certain types of cases, so deciding when to seek certiorari has to be strategically timed. The issues involved in the case must also be of such importance that review by the U.S. Supreme Court is desirable. We can help make these determinations for you, and get the process started on your behalf. Our attorneys are familiar with the specialized proceedings and laws required when seeking a writ of certiorari and will discuss your case with you as it progresses so your ultimate goal remains in sight.

Petitions for Review to the California Supreme Court

At the local level, the highest court that will hear your case is the California Supreme Court. In order to get your matter before this high court, you need to file a petition for review. The process is tedious and riddled with rules and procedures that must be followed to the letter or you risk having your request denied.

Amicus briefs and petitions for review are useful tools in shaping the outcome of a case.

A petition for review formally asks the California Supreme Court to hear your case, and drafting this type of legal pleading takes experience. The State Supreme Court does not hear most of the cases it receives on petition for review, so you will want to be certain your petition is prepared masterfully. Our appellate team has the background and education needed to properly prepare your petition, and can help you make critical decisions regarding your legal needs.

Learn More about Your Options

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