What You Should Know about Rear End Auto Accident Cases

February 11, 2017 — by John Conger
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Two cars immediately after a rear end auto accidentAt the full-service law firm of Shore, McKinley & Conger, LLP, we handle the full range of personal injury cases arising from car accidents, truck accidents, and motorcycle accidents. Among the most common types of auto accidents that result in serious injuries are rear end auto accidents. While one might think of rear end auto accident cases as being fairly simple and straightforward, most of these cases are surprisingly complex, requiring meticulous investigation and accident reconstruction. Especially when monolithic insurance companies get involved, the concept of an open-and-shut case becomes a fairy tale.

Fortunately, the personal injury attorneys of Shore, McKinley & Conger, LLP, have the skills, knowledge, experience, and resources to stand up to the most powerful insurance companies and successfully handle even the most complex cases involving rear end auto accidents. Our Stockton, CA lawyers can help you obtain the damages to which you are entitled if you or a member of your family has been injured in a rear end auto accident, or if you have tragically lost a family member in such an accident. We will present the strongest, most compelling case possible on your behalf, using our uncanny ability to anticipate any argument the defense could possibly offer to fight for your right to justice.

If you would like to arrange for an evaluation of your rear end auto accident case, we urge you to contact the law firm of Shore, McKinley & Conger, LLP, today.

The Dynamics of Rear End Auto Accidents

In most rear end auto accident cases, the drivers of the rear vehicles are discovered to have been at fault, if only because they failed to leave sufficient space between their vehicles and the vehicles in front of them to brake safely and suddenly in the event of an emergency. However, a case can be built for the driver of either the front or the rear vehicle, depending on the circumstances surrounding the accident.

For example, we could develop a strong case if you were the driver of the front vehicle, and you were injured in an auto accident caused by any of the following acts of negligence on the part of the driver of the rear vehicle:

  • Failure to maintain a safe distance between his or her vehicle and yours
  • Failure to drive at or under the speed limit or at a safe speed considering the weather conditions at the time
  • Failure to pay attention to the road due to use of technology (such as a cell phone or radio)
  • Running of a stop sign or red light
  • Inability to come to a timely stop because of defective brakes

If you were the driver of the rear vehicle, it may be possible to show negligence on the part of the operator of the front vehicle if he or she:

  • Accidentally reversed into your vehicle
  • Had broken or defective brake lights
  • Was operating his or her vehicle knowing that it had a defect that made it dangerous to drive
  • Made a stop to turn, but then failed to turn
  • Swerved suddenly into your lane

Arrange for an Evaluation of Your Rear End Auto Accident Case

To arrange for an evaluation of your rear end auto accident case, please contact the law firm of Shore, McKinley & Conger, LLP, today.