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Divorce and California's New Pet Law

April 10, 2019 — by John Conger
Tags: Divorce

California's new pet law can help keep pets and their preferred owner together after divorce. Our attorneys explain this new law and what it means to pet owners.

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Child Custody Statistics

March 25, 2019 — by John Conger
Tags: Child Custody Family Law Divorce

These statistics on child custody reveal how many divorced couples are dealing with joint or sole custody matters. Our family law attorneys can help you with your case.

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Divorce and Taxes

March 13, 2019 — by John Conger
Tags: Divorce Alimony Family Law

A divorce can affect the taxes you owe and your filing status. Our family law attorneys consider these issues and what you should discuss with your accountant.

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Motorcycle Accident Damages

February 26, 2019 — by John Conger
Tags: Motorcycle Accidents

Our attorneys can help motorcycle accident victims recover damages for medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

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Disqualifying Medical Conditions for Commercial Truck Drivers

February 19, 2019 — by John Conger
Tags: Truck Accidents

Our truck accident attorneys at Shore, McKinley, Conger & Jolley discuss disqualifying medical conditions for commercial truck drivers.

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Auto Accident Statistics

February 1, 2019 — by John Conger
Tags: Auto Accidents Car Accidents Truck Accidents Motorcycle Accidents

These statistics on auto accidents highlight the dangers of crashes nationwide and across the state of California. Our car collision attorneys can help.

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Auto Accidents at Intersections

January 24, 2019 — by John Conger
Tags: Car Accidents

At Shore, McKinley, Conger & Jolley, we help drivers secure compensation when they have been a victim in auto accident at an intersection.

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Child Custody and Visitation Rights

January 8, 2019 — by John Conger
Tags: Child Custody Child Visitation Family Law

Child custody and visitation are different matters but both essential for divorce proceedings. Let’s consider laws regarding both and how rulings are made.

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Understanding Divorce vs. Legal Separation

December 14, 2018 — by John Conger
Tags: Divorce

The attorneys of Shore, McKinley, Conger & Jolley, LLP take a moment to discuss divorce versus legal separation.

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Bicycle Accidents at Crosswalks

December 5, 2018 — by John Conger
Tags: Bicycle Accidents Auto Accidents

Bicycle accidents at crosswalks and intersections can lead to catastrophic injuries and fatalities. Our attorneys consider the hazards that bicyclists face.

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