Ensure Your Child's Best Interests with a Child Custody Attorney

image of familyIn any divorce or other legal dispute involving children, their best interests must be prioritized. Although parents may agree on this principle and understand that it provides the basis for all court decisions, they often disagree on what child custody and visitation arrangements are right for their unique family situations. A highly knowledgeable child custody attorney at Shore, McKinley, Conger & Jolley, LLP, in Stockton, CA, can listen attentively to your concerns and objectives involving your children, before determining the best legal course of action. If you are involved in a divorce, contact our firm today to discuss the details of your situation. 

We have handled numerous challenging cases involving special-needs children, disputes over the parties' actual incomes, and attempts to obtain deviations from the guidelines in high-asset divorce cases.


We approach sensitive child custody matters with balance and compassion. In the vast majority of cases, the best outcome is one that keeps both loving parents actively and closely involved in children's lives. Reaching an amicable child custody resolution or modification can help prevent intervention by the court, litigation fees, and passionately charged decision-making by either party that can result in a variety of negative consequences.

Understanding our clients' needs has allowed us to provide efficient service and sound advice, tailored to the unique needs of our clients. Our strengths in these custody matters include:

  • Providing informed, realistic counsel for clients who wish to seek primary physical custody or a joint or "shared" custody order
  • Developing comprehensive parenting plans and proposals that effectively account for our clients' work and travel schedules, priorities associated with holidays and vacations, and other considerations
  • Guiding clients through the many complexities associated with complex custody disputes when required, including those arising from allegations of abuse, neglect, or parental alienation

Our dedicated team can guide you through all aspects of a child custody case. An attorney who knows you, your family, and your situation can help you quickly make decisions when simple modifications or significant events require legal assistance.


When representing clients as their child custody attorneys, we also recognize how important it is for parents to grasp and plan for the impact of child support orders. While statutory guidelines make establishing child support orders relatively straightforward, we have handled numerous challenging cases involving special-needs children, disputes over the parties' actual incomes, and attempts to obtain deviations from the guidelines in high-asset divorce cases. Our firm is also a resource when circumstances have changed and a child support or custody modification is required.


If you need focused, determined representation from a child custody attorney, we encourage you to contact our law firm online or call (209) 477-8171 and schedule your consultation. You can count on receiving reliable information on family laws and how they are applied in the courtroom. Whether you believe this aspect of your divorce can be settled amicably or will be intensely disputed, our firm is an excellent choice for protection of your parental rights.