Understanding the Leading Causes of Car Accidents

Woman texting behind the wheelIn California, the top causes of car accidents include speeding, distracted driving, and improper turns, among many others. Pinpointing different causes of car accidents is the first step towards demanding the amount of compensation victims need to fully recover. At Shore, McKinley, Conger & Jolley, LLP, with offices in Stockton, CA, and surrounding areas, we stand by injured victims and their families. Attorney John Richard Conger Jr. has an extensive background in insurance defense and is particularly adept at proving fault in car accidents. For help with your case, call (916) 307-6880 or contact us online today.

Understanding different causes of car accidents helps our attorneys maximize emotional and financial recovery for victims after a collision.

Common Causes of Car Accidents

Car accidents can happen in a wide variety of ways. In California, the most common causes include:

  • Speeding: Driving over the speed limit increases the likelihood of losing control of a vehicle and experiencing an accident. This is also true when drivers disregard road conditions, and going too fast for weather or in a construction zone can also lead to an accident.
  • Distracted driving: The time it takes to send a text or reply to an email while driving is just long enough to distract a driver from the road. Other forms of distracted driving include reaching for something in the back seat, adjusting the radio or climate controls, or any other activity that takes the attention of the driver from the task at hand.
  • Impaired driving: Drunk driving, and driving while under the influence of a drug, is very dangerous. Many accidents in this category are catastrophic, resulting in life-changing injuries for the victim.
  • Driving into oncoming traffic: Going the wrong way down a one-way street or drifting across the center lane sets a driver up to cause a head-on collision. Most head-on collisions cause traumatic brain injury or spinal cord damage, and can even be the cause of a wrongful death.
  • Improper turns: The most recent statistics released by the California Highway Patrol (CHP) put the number of injuries from an improper turn at close to 22,000 a year and the number of fatal accidents at just over 500. Turning into oncoming traffic leaves vehicles with nowhere to go and little chance to make an evasive maneuver. When an accident is caused by a driver who makes an improper turn, the injuries are devastating. Paralysis, internal bleeding, and loss of limbs can result from being hit suddenly after an improper turn is made.
  • Violating traffic laws and signals: Stop lights and other traffic signals are in place to ensure safety on the roads. Drivers who run red lights or fail to yield not only break the law, but also cause a significant number of accidents. The same CHP report found nearly 12,500 accidents resulted in a year from drivers disregarding traffic laws and close to 140 involved a fatality. 

How We Can Help

At Shore, McKinley, Conger & Jolley, LLP, we help victims of car accidents by examining the facts and identifying the cause of the accident. Once the cause is determined, we assign liability and seek damages for the full extent of your injuries. Victims are entitled to recover lost wages, medical costs, final expenses in the event of a wrongful death, and other elements of damage unique to each case. 

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